Novalin wallcovering is made of 100% linen, purchased in Belgium which produces the highest quality linen available in the world.

Linen is made of the flax plant, Linum Usita, an exclusive material only produced in small quantities. It is extremely strong. The fibres, one of the strongest of the vegetable fibres, are long in lenght, resist abrasion and don’t stretch. Linen is easy to take care of since it resists dirt and stains. A characteristic of contemporary linen yarn is the presence of slubs or small knots which occur randomly across its length and which are an integrated part of the design.

During the manufacturing process, long fibred yarns are twined and dyed afterwards. Subsequently, the threads are glued on paper. Both dye and glue are water based and we use FSC certified paper, sourced from Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.



Novalin wallcovering is designed for the discerning customer, with great attention to quality, durability and sustainability.

Adhering to the highest Swedish production standards and based on ISO 14001 environmental guidelines, our wallpaper is environmental-friendly manufactured and we are continuously and effortlessly working to optimise our manufacturing process. We take our environmental responsibility very seriously, as this will be more and more important in the future.


What makes Novalin wallcovering unique compared to other brands is the seamless coverage. With Novalin professional applied you will never see seams between panels with creates a smooth, flawless look once mounted on your walls.


Novalin wallcovering is a long-term investment. We have clients who covered their walls with Novalin wallcovering over 30 years ago. When the time came to redecorate, they simple chose to replace their wallcovering with the exact same product, built to last through another several decades to come.


The linen yarn creates wall covering with a natural, warm and tactile feel, look and touch. When Novalin is mounted on the wall, you will notice its unique depth in colour, which changes slightly as the light changes. This depth is created by using slightly different colour tones during the dying process of the yarns, the paper and the glue.

The heart of the collection is the fine structured 9500 Novalin, designed in 1960 and re-coloured in 2011 by the renowned textile designer Fanny Aronsen in who sadly passed away that same year.

In 2015, we introduced the new robust structured 9701 Novalin in a range of 12 colours and in 2016 we added we added 15 new colours to our fine structured 9500 Novalin collection.

Besides the fact that Novalin is available in a range nearly 100 colours, we also produce custom made colours for clients upon request. The full Novalin line is also available in a Flame Retardant version without losing its unique features of feel, look, touch and natural warmth.