Welcome to VeryFanny House of Novalin, the exclusive linen wallcovering brand based in Kinna, Sweden.


Novalin wallcovering is made of 100% of the finest Belgian linen and is produced in Sweden. The use of pure natural linen fibres on a paper base gives your walls a warm and tactile feel. Available in 63 colours, Novalin brings the ultimate in subtle luxury to any style of interior, ranging from the more minimalistic to the extravagant and opulent.


We pride ourselves on our environmental friendly production standards, using only the best materials and adhering to the strictest Swedish environmental guidelines.


For more information on becoming an importer or retailer, to order one of our sample books, or to get started with including our high-end Novalin wallcovering in your collection, get in touch with us here. We can help you determine the best selection of quality Novalin wallcovering to offer your clients and customers.


To find out where you can buy Novalin wallcovering, please contact us here so we can refer you to one of our official wholesale or retail distributors.